You're in a bar on a Saturday night, listening to some music. It's SWLA, anything can happen. Have you ever been in a bar and watched a horse stroll in the front door? It happened Saturday night at the Social Club in Lake Charles.


Imagine my surprise to see this photo! Our good friend Johnny Jimenez holding the door open for a horse as the one and only Kenny Kyle leads him in.

There comes a point in every cowboys life where a lesson needs to be taught. That lesson is to not ride your horse all day working cattle and then go to the bar with it in an unlocked trailer.

The only thing "harmed" in this situation was the cowboy's self esteem as he road on back out of the bar. Apparently, you never know what is gonna happen at the Social Club.

The whole video from Gayla Reeves can be found here! Warning, there is a bit of "colorful" language coming from the bar. Watch out for little ears that might be listening.


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