Has an animal, bird or other unwanted creature ever gotten into your house?

My wife trumps my experience. She had a dog that chased a duck into her parents house, down the hall, and into her bedroom!

Bill Fosson Yes a bird I screamed and opened all doors and I thought my cat was catching at my door and I went to let her in and I looked to see if she was coming and it was a possum. Eeekkkk I thinking my mom heard me scream at her house. Lol

Allison Shelton We had a litter of opossums under the house and started coming in one at a time. My dog had a hay day

Lila Durio I had an opossum in my bathroom once and a cardinal flew in through the open front door.

Kelly Aguillard Yes. We live in the country next to a canal. My husband caught a small alligator and brought it in the house. Not to worry. He released it back in the canal AFTER I had a fit. We also had a snake in the toilet. When they cut the grass at the field across the street the rodents migrate under my house and chew on the wires. And lastly the dog has been sprayed by a skunk a time it two. Gotta love country life!

Cristin Trahan We had a possum under our home and when we let our German shep. Destiny chase it out it was a mama with babies on every teet!

Carla Richard Racoon came in every night, we fed him fruitloops and water.. until he spilt his water and mom reached to get his bowl and he bit her and we had to catch him and lock him up for 10 days, and after that never saw him again.

Crystal Brown 6 FOOT chicken snake in the bathroom noticed it while on the throne!!!


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