"Star Wars Uncut" is a modern day work of art to all us of that grew up with Star Wars an
intricate part of our childhood.

The Ultimate Fan-made Film

I am critical of anything that has to do with Star Wars  because in 1977  it introduced

a five year old to an entire new world and to characters that have become personal to my generation.

Back in 2009 director Casey Pugh had a team put together 473, 15-second fan-made clips from the film
"Star Wars: A New Hope," and the result is as Lord Vader would say,"Impressive, most Impressive."


In 2010, SWU  won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media.


If you are a Star Wars geek like me you will LOVE the devotion that fans around the world have
for this film.


If you aren't into Wookies, Landspeeders, and Han shooting first you can still follow the story but it may not have the same effect on you.

I have watched SWU twice already and the second time I saw things I missed the first time and

I'm going to pay even closer attention the next ten times  I watch it!