You can only drop shots of sake into a glass of beer for so long. so why not switch things up a little with Starbucks new Espresso Cloud IPA.

Ok, so you don't actually drop the shot of espresso in your glass of beer, they do it for you. The new Starbucks evening menu item is an IPA with a chilled shot of orange-and-vanilla-flavored espresso, then topped with froth like a cappuccino. Beer with a shot of espresso in it? Yep, I'm down.

Also, can we talk about this whole "Starbucks evening menu" thing? When did this happen, and why haven't I gotten my drink on at Starbucks yet? According to Mashable, Starbucks has had an evening menu for about 2 years now, but it's only offered at some of their locations.

It looks like the closest Starbucks with an evening menu is in Houston, Texas. I'm not sure if there are any in Louisiana, which is ridiculous. Starbucks, step your game up and bring your drinks to the Bayou State! But, if you happen to be traveling around and want to try out the Espresso Cloud IPA, you can find the nearest Starbucks on their website.

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