Is the iPhone ‘Theatre Mode’ Update Good or Bad News?
It’s hard to pass judgment on iPhone’s new “theatre mode” because, well, it doesn’t exist out in the real world just yet. But according to a new report, that might be changing sooner rather than later, as Apple’s latest update is said to include this mysteri…
Ever Wondered Who The Voice of iPhone's Siri Is?
It's easy in today's technological world to just assume that when computers talk to us that they have their own voices.  Actually, someone has to sit in a room and record hours and hours of dialogue.  So what about iPhone's Siri, the voice command woman who seems to have a b…
$5,000 McDonald's McChallenge
It's one of the biggest giveaways we've ever done on, and if you're a Country Club member, you've got a chance to win.  McDonald's is giving away $5,000 to one lucky Gator 99.5 listener -- IF you can find the hidden codes we've placed on this website!

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