Chili Does Pink
So we find this pink T-shirt laying around and think "We could probably get Chili to wear this." I thought it would be great for him to wear to his CMT audition.
First American 'Milking?'
What is "milking?"  (No, sir, it's not that.)  It's a prank/trend that started in England as a protest.  Young students there say they're being "milked" by the government.  It involves a half-gallon of milk and ... well ... maybe it's best if you watch it for yourself.
Grown Men on Pogo Sticks — The Gator 99.5 DJs Show Off Their Skills
I don't know if there's anything funnier than people falling down.  I'm talking about just biting it and making a fool of themselves.  And we figure we're the funniest guys around, so that should make it doubly hilarious!  What would make grown men have a pogo-stick jumping contest in their office?  When I figure it out, I'll let you know.  Until then, get a load of the first-ever Gator 99.5 pogo-
Fun With A Broom. The Breakfast Bunch At Play.
All we need is a prop and things get crazy! Chili started it and it went downhill from there. First Chili starts cleaning a little. he does not realize that the broom is for the floor. Then Dale rides the bronkin' broom bareback Then Chili told me to knock some sense into Dale Then the boss came in and took the
Chili Eats Breakfast [VIDEO]
It is a morning ritual for Breakfast Bunch sidekick Chili. The breakfast of champions. It starts as a simple link on a bun. Then he adds mayonnaise, mustard, bar-b-Que sauce and ketchup ... oh ... and love. The he forces Dale and I to watch this spectacle every morning...