Want NFL Tickets?
The weather's getting cooler, and this year's football action is heating up. We wanted to take that opportunity to fly you anywhere to see the pro football game of your choice as part of our Big Game Getaway contest.
Enter below for your chance to fly with a friend to any pro football stadi…
Want to Meet Kenny Chesney?
Kenny Chesney's set to play in Seattle this summer, and we've got your chance to see the country superstar live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest city – and meet him backstage!
Enter below for your chance to fly with a friend to Seattle to see Kenny Chesney live at Century Link field …
McChallenge Week 1 Winner
We've wrapped up the first week (of four) in the $5,000 McDonald's McChallenge -- our contest where local Gator 99.5 listeners search for our hidden codes daily to enter for a $5,000 grand prize!  Lake Charles resident and Gator 99.5 Country Club member Andrea Bryant found out first-h…
$5,000 McDonald's McChallenge
It's one of the biggest giveaways we've ever done on, and if you're a Country Club member, you've got a chance to win.  McDonald's is giving away $5,000 to one lucky Gator 99.5 listener -- IF you can find the hidden codes we've placed on this website!
$5,000 McDonald's McChallenge
Our friends at McDonald's tell us they have this huge wad of money burning a hole in their pockets, and they keep asking us how they can get rid of it.  You wouldn't, by any chance, WANT some of that cash, would you?
New Contraband Event … Geaux Reaux Your Pereaux! [VIDEO]
All cajuns know what a Pirogue is. If you are not from here I will tell you that it is a small wooden boat designed to navigate easily in shallow water. Pirogues were once a mainstay for transportation when out bayous and rivers were the main transportation hubs. Think you can build one?

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