Beat The Heat With A Backyard Water Park
Being stuck inside has taken a toll on all of us, especially kids. So this summer, create the ultimate backyard water park with any or all of these awesome water toys! From slip n slides to full-on inflatables, your kids will have a blast while keeping cool!
The Best Rated Bike Trailers for Kiddos and Pets
Bike trailers are amazing. They make it so easy to take your little kid or pet on an adventure with you on a greenbelt or bike trail, cruise around the neighborhood or around the block! Spend time together outdoors while giving your passenger a great view of the scenery while they safely riding alon…
Card Games That Aren’t Just for Kids
As the pandemic stretches on, I know it's hard to find something new and fun to do with your time. Card games are a great solution since they're versatile, don't take up a lot of space and some of the ones on my list can accommodate just two players all the way up to ten!
Cameron Fishing Festival Starts Today
The 10th annual Cameron Fishing Festival is this weekend August 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the Cameron Jetty pier. This years festival boasts a big lineup of entertainment and great food with activities for the kids.
Here is the schedule of events:
Get Ready for The Last Big Weekend of Contraband Days
The Buccaneers will be leaving the City of Lake Charles this Sunday and returning the command to Mayor Randy Roach thus ending Contraband Days 2013. Even though they made us walk the plank when they took over the city, I don't think they will walk the plank when the mayor takes over. Don't seem fa…
Thrift Shop Hula Hoop Dance – This Chick is Amazing[VIDEO]
We used to have fun and games on Thursday nights at Cowboys and we had several different games like tricycle races, bat races, and the hula hoop game. It was always entertaining and fun to watch these non sober people attempt to win the cash in these contests. Some of the funniest was trying to kee…
Now I Feel Old![VIDEO]
Parenthood, obesity, prostate checks and DUIs. Tonight we’re not young, we’re all somewhere in our 30s, nothing worthy, this ain’t fun.  A video called "We're Not Young" is getting around the internet and shows life as a 30-…