An Oil Spiel- Sheen of Fear
I'm thankful my husband still has his job in the oilfield, but there are many families in south Louisiana who are suffering because of the drop in oil prices. I know it scares me, and it's a real fear for them.
Oil Jobs?
Places like Lake Charles, Lafayette and Baton Rouge are heavily tied to the oil industry in the gulf. Lake Charles has diversified with casinos and natural gas; but the oil industry is still a huge economic powerhouse here. Do you think the low oil prices will cost us jobs in Southwest Louisiana?
The Muppets Vs Fox News. [VIDEO]
The duel is on! It's The Muppetts vs Fox News! Where will we be when the smoke clears?   Fox News accuses the Muppets of having a political agenda and that agenda is anti-oil and anti-business. Here is the clip. The muppets answer with this press conference...