Governor John Bel Edwards announced yesterday that teens with certain health conditions are now eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Teens and adults with the above health conditions will receive the Pfizer vaccine. I know everyone is different, but my experience with the Pfizer vaccine was a good one. My wife, Amanda, works at a local hospital, and she has received both rounds of her shots. She was worried about the second round of the vaccine, as she had heard stories how it was worse than the first and made people feel bad with strong side effects. However, the only discomfort she had was soreness on her arm where they gave her the shot. She did great and had zero side effects from both rounds of the Pfizer vaccine.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Louisiana Department of Health has reported 434,926 confirmed cases of coronavirus and that 415,954 patients have recovered from it. They also reported 9,758 Louisiana residents have lost their lives to COVID-19.

You can watch Governor Edward's COVID-19 update press conference below:

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