Hi gang. Never a dull moment in the life of a country bumpkin.

I live in the country. Choupique Louisiana U.S.A. to be exact. And in November I noticed that my kitchen was being visited by some unwanted nighttime critters. You guessed it, mice. So the decision was made & the search for a cat began.

First, Aunt Babs brought the meanest, craziest, rootin-tootin tomcat in the country to my place. She dropped him off.............

and he ran off and was never heard from again.

Thanks though.

Then my son David negotiated with a church buddy of his and the next thing you know...
we are the proud owners of two adorable kittens. Matter of fact... they were so dang adorable it attracted a stray kitten and just like that... my feline rodent executioners were in place. Yay!

Their names are Simba... Blackie... and Walter White.

Update on their status. Simba and Blackie are spoiled as heck, and Walter White is the only cat on the property that DOES HIS JOB. Matter of fact, Walter White is so committed to his job... he leaves his kills for me and the whole world to see.... ON THE HOOD OF MY JEEP!

I would like to discuss this issue with Walter White but... he doesn't like people and chooses to stay under my house!

I discussed the matter with Simba and Blackie and asked for them to get Walter White to come out.

Their responses?

Simba freaks out and runs up a tree! Blackie freaks and runs under the house.... then realizes she's in Walter White's domain and HAULS BOOTY...
and runs up the same tree her brothers in.

Good news?

I haven't seen a 'live' mouse since last November.