What happens when traffic is horrible, it's Monday, and it's Daylight Saving Time? Apparently, we cook hot dogs! Yesterday, Patrick Frey and I headed out to get stuck in traffic, on purpose.

We cooked 160 hot dogs (thanks for the amazing grill, Howell Industries), wrapped them, stickered them, then headed over to the heart of traffic. As we voyaged west, we saw what everyone goes through each and every day since road construction began. We sit inside at a computer watching it on the webcams, but we wanted to get out there, share some smiles, and a few hot dogs.

We learned that 160 hot dogs fit in a 105-quart ice chest, and last about an hour in three lanes of eastbound traffic. We also learned that a single hot dog makes a smile that lasts for the rest of the day. If you didn't get a hot dog, don't worry. There will be more "Gator Traffic Treats" as we go.