Last Night, it was pretty darn cool to see The Big Show even things up with WWE Champion Randy Orton. The Champ wound up cloke slammed through the announcer's table on Raw. Show and Orton are scheduled to wrestle at the up coming PPV "Survivor Series".By the time Raw went of the air, one question did come up. Who would win a matchup between The Shield and the Wyatt Family?

Here's last night's results...

Cody Rhodes and Goldust beat Randy Orton by count out in a handicap match.

Santino Marella and Los Matadores beat 3MB. (Ok, that little bull mascot is startin to get old.. just sayin)

Damien Sandow defeated Kofi Kingston.

Curtis Axel defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Tamina Snuka beat Nikki Bella.

Fandango beat Tyson Kidd.

John Cena defeated Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro in a handicap match.

R-Truth defeated Ryback. (What the heck has happened to you Ryback???)

Alberto Del Rio beat Big E Langston via submission.

Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk fought The Shield in a handicap match to an apparent no-contest when The Wyatt Family interfered.

It will be quite interesting how the WWE storylines continue to play out, with Survivor Series looming. Guess wrasslin fanz will have to tune in Friday night to Smackdown!