So this morning I posed the question, "When you first went out on your own or started college and had no money, what was the one thing you ate because you had no money and will NEVER eat again?"

Well, the phones lit up and we got some very interesting concoctions. I mean the things people eat when they are desperate for food. Here are the top five answers I got this morning.

  • #5 -- Plain White Rice with Ketchup on it.  Yuck
  • #4 -- Taco Bell fire sauce on plain crackers
  • #3 -- Plain Hot Dogs on regular bread. I mean they couldn't even afford hot dog buns.
  • #2 -- Ramen noodles with BBQ sauce. Uh no thank you!
  • #1 -- Bread cereal.  Just take a couple slices of bread, break it up and poor milk on it. I actually have eaten that!

So did yours make the list? Head over to our Facebook Page and let us know the weird food you had to eat to make ends meet.