The pop group Train isn't typically considered a cross-over country act, though the lead singer has worked with Martina McBride in the past. Now that they've teamed up with Pistol Annies' Ashley Monroe, they are making some concrete roads through the country genre. This week, the band premiered their music video for 'Bruises' which features Monroe.

'Bruises' is a song that anyone who has been hurt before can relate to -- so basically, that means everyone will feel its power. The song is about two friends catching up about 10 years after graduating from high school. Both of them are divorced, and they've been battered and bruised a few times over the years. But despite the pain, they recognize that their scars make them more interesting people.

In the music video, Monroe plays a mother of two whose husband left her. She and her old high school pal Pat Monahan of Train are exchanging letters. She reads his thoughts as she tends to her kids, folds laundry, and spends time on her porch. Meanwhile, he's strolling around Red Rocks Amphitheater and playing to huge crowds while he thinks about Monroe and how beautiful she is.

By trading stories, they realize that neither of them is alone. It seems like they might meet up and create a new love story, but it never happens. The video closes out with Monroe playing a show in Nashville and Monahan touring with Train.

The Pistol Annies star appears in the original song, as well as the music video. We've got to hand it to her: She puts enough twang in 'Bruises' to make it perfect for country radio.

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