This kind of horror seems like it should only happen in Hollywood movies like Final Destination, not in real life. A 21-year-old Tulane University student was killed at a rest stop on I-10 when she was struck by a tire that broke loose from an 18-wheeler.

Authorities in Mississippi, where the incident happened, say an 18-wheeler traveling westbound lost two wheels. Those wheels bounded across the eastbound lanes and into a roadside rest area. That's where the tires struck at least two vehicles and the young woman.

According to reports the woman and her traveling companions had stopped at the rest area to use the restroom. They were returning to their vehicle when the tragedy occurred.  The driver of the truck told police he realized he had lost the wheels but was unaware of the consequences the loose tires caused.

The deceased was identified as Margaret Maurer, a senior majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology from Forest Lake, Minnesota. Police say the accident remains under investigation.

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