Releasing new music takes courage and a lot of work anytime, but especially during a pandemic when there has been no touring, and no live shows to introduce those songs and get audience reactions. That hasn't stopped Tyler Rich.

The California native is back with a new jam, “Better Than You’re Used To.”

Although Rich is happily married himself, the character in this song is taking one for the good guy team by making a strong case for himself with a girl he wants to love. He doesn’t believe she’s getting the kind of love that she deserves.

With energetic vocals, tasty acoustic and electric guitars and driving percussion parts, the stage is set for a convincing play for her heart.

"Better Than You're Used To," which has already exceeded 10 million streams on Spotify, hit country radio on May 17.

Rich celebrated the song's release with his wife in Disneyland.

Did You Know? Tyler Rich is married to actress Sabina Gadecki, whose credits include Narcos, The Affair and House of Lies.

Tyler Rich, "Better Than You're Used To" Lyrics:

He don't deserve you / He says I love you / But I don't believe it no way / He never shows it / He don't send you roses / Not even on Valentine's Day / He don't take you dancing / He don't understand what he's got / But baby I do / You need someone to love, love, love you / Better than you're used to


You should be the spotlight, center of attention / Top of the list of his things of the things he can't lose / You should bе his all night not his last call, girl/ I would give my all girl if I had you / It'd never gеt old havin' you to hold / Letting go is something I'd never do / You need someone to love, love, love you/ Better than you're used to (yeah)

You're used to 2AM drunk calls, "Can I come in? / I'm sorry, I swear it's the last time again" / You're used to giving and not getting back/ I'd love you better than that

Repeat Chorus

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