Sabrina and Glenn Foster Sr. have retained renowned civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump to head their legal battle against the Pickens County Sheriffs Department in Gordo, Alabama. They still have no answers as to how their son, former New Orleans Saints player star Glenn Foster Jr., died in custody. The famous football player was arrested Dec. 5 for speeding on Hwy 82. However, there are a lot of questions surrounding his arrest, the charges, and what caused the 31-year athlete to die suddenly two days later.

The Foster family can't get any cooperation from the Alabama Sheriffs Dept. or SBI the state agency investigating the case. To add insult to injury according to Crumps co-attorney Diandra “Fu” Debrosse Zimmermann, "the Alabama Department of Forensics has not released a death certificate or the cause of death, is where we’re at.” Attorneys for the family of former New Orleans Saints player Glenn Foster said he was found dead in the back of a police cruiser while being transported to a hospital following an altercation with another inmate." It is because of the lack of info, that the Foster family is taking matters into their own hands.

According to court records, Glenn was allegedly involved in some sort of physical altercation with an inmate, which is supposedly why he was being transported to a medical facility in Northport, Alabama. However, the Foster family finds that explanation very suspicious.

Zimmermann said, “sometimes securing your own autopsy is the best way to ensure that a proper autopsy has been conducted.” This is the second suspicious death of a Black man after a run-in with the Pickens County law enforcement. Attorneys for the estate of 62-yr old Wallace Wilder filed a federal lawsuit against the former Pickens County Sheriff Todd Hall for his involvement in the shooting of Wallace, who was mentally ill in his home in Gordo at the time.

Attorney Ben Crump said.“The fact is that he was subdued in handcuffs and posed no risk. There is no reason why he was alive in police custody and sixteen minutes later he was dead. We will not rest until we get answers and justice,” He added it was law enforcement’s responsibility to keep Foster safe while in custody.“

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