Since the last week of September, Gator 99.5 has been giving you a chance to win up to $5000 three times a day.

We give you code words at 7:40am, 12:40pm and 4:40pm, and when you hear that code word, just go to our website or our mobile app, then enter the word for a chance to win.

Well, Victoria from Lake Charles did just that and won $2000!  Yep, she scored $2000 in her pocket just for playing the code word.  When we asked Victoria how she did it, she simply replied, "I heard the code word and opened up my Gator 99.5 mobile app, played the word and I was done."

She just banked $2000!  You could be next!  Listen for the code words at 7:40am with Mike Soileau in the Morning, 12:40pm with Tracy in the Midday, and 4:40pm with Ryan Keith in the afternoon for your chance to win up to $5000 three times a day from your country station, Gator 99.5!

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