In 2010, Gibson Guitars announced its new line of "robotic" guitars, called the Firebird X. It featured new pickups, design, and automatic tuners. Essentially, the guitar would tune itself or automatically tune to the user's settings at the push of a button. The guitar would set you back over $5,000. Fortunately, poor reviews meant you didn't have to find out for yourself how bad they really were.

YouTube Essex Recording Studios

The video surfaced recently and was shot by a former Gibson employee. The story from Gibson is that these guitars could not be sold due to "unsafe components". The internet is in an uproar about how they could have been stripped of their labels and donated to music schools and groups across the country. Gibson did release a statement after the video gained momentum that stated they were bringing back the Gibson Foundation, which in 2002 had donated over $30 million to charities and schools.

The sounds in this video can be felt in your soul as the guitars are crushed under the tracks. So grab some popcorn and turn up your volume!

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