Relationships must not be easy. There are books about relationships. There are TV shows about relationships. They are websites that help you find, maintain, and end relationships. Based on all that information you'd think we'd be better at relationships but we are not. That's because all the horse pucky that is spewed by Dr. Phil and don't cover the two basic things successful relationships are built on.

I am not talking particularly about trust, or kindness, or even who is in charge of the thermostat. I am talking about two very simple things that if you can find happiness in both of them then your relationship, at least statistically, is built to last.

Oddly enough they both occur in the bedroom but they don't involve sex. According to an article from Female First all you need to be happy in your romantic relationship is clean sheets and the understanding that you sleep in the nude.

That's it. That's all you need. Clean preferably cotton sheets and sleeping au naturel.  Would you like to know why?

As far as the lack of clothing during sleep the touch of skin on skin creates a very unique closeness between a couple. While it doesn't always lead to intimacy it certainly creates a feeling of confidence between partners.

The clean sheets are more for the female than the male. They demonstrate a care and concern about personal space. Also, if you're going to naked on sheets you'd want them to be clean right?

These two simple items appear to be what almost every successful relationship, also known as happy relationship, seem to have in common. So don't stress over the little things in life. Wash your sheets and doff your duds and you can discuss it under the covers.



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