So y'all think y'all "bad to the bone" now cause y'all jumped me!? Think again!

I pulled up to my house got out the car and immediately was attacked. And let me tell you that it was on!

They hit me in my face, my arms, and my neck. I fought hard as I could but it was too many of them. I start thinking if I can just get in my house I'm going to OFF them all. Swinging all the way to my door I was running. My second biggest fear was dropping my keys. The streets are one thing but attacking me at MY house? OH, HECK NO!  ALL of you are dying tonight.

I get in my house and grab my ammo. I prayed for strength and braced myself. Next thing you know, I was back outside, and let me tell you, they came at me again. But this time I was ready.

I sprayed them all!

The neighbor could hear the words "DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!"

I was so mad.

I hate mosquitoes.

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