Remember the days when we were kids and on Christmas morning and on birthdays, we’d run through the house to see if we got a brand new power wheels battery-operated vehicle? Well now, as adults, if we want the thrill of that new vehicle, we have to go buy our very own expensive box on wheels. This guy in Lake Charles said to heck with that…

Working on Lakeshore Drive here in Lake Charles, you never know what we will see here at the radio station day in and day out. Beings that we are near the water and right off of the feeder road for the I-10 Bridge, there truly is nothing we haven’t seen. That was until last week.

Last Friday, I was in the office minding my own business when we noticed something you don't typically see every day.

Earlier that afternoon, the I-10 interstate by the bridge had been running slower than usual and we couldn’t figure out why. Until I saw a grown man on our lawn driving BACKWARDS in a power wheels vehicle.


I guess if you can get away with not having to pay for a new vehicle and pay for the gas, you can just buy yourself a power wheel and charge the battery every few hours. Don’t get me wrong, your travel time here in the Lake Area will drastically change.


If that wasn’t an odd occurrence in itself, we searched our security footage from atop the Townsquare Media building and what we found was three minutes of PURE GOLD.

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