The website Whiskey Riff is at it again with another BuzzFeed style quiz.  This time it's to find out "What Country Song Best Describes Your Love Life?"

There are six different questions, and each one has several responses to choose from.   For example, the first question is, "Are you in a relationship?"  The responses are:

"Nah, I really don't have the time."

"Nope.  Caught him / her cheating and it was over."

"No, I'm a little shy."

"Yes.  I love him / her with all my heart."

After you have finished the short quiz it will analyze your answers and then it will give you the country song that best describes your love life.

I got David Nail "Red Light" and then it says, quote: For one reason or another, things are over. This is probably a pretty dark time and there are probably many tears yet to come. Just remember, time will heal and you will find love again.

Which is weird, because I didn't answer the questions like I was losing my wife.  The first question that was "Are you in a relationship?", I answered it with "Yes, I love him/her with all my heart".

As you can see there is no science to this at all, it's just a fun quiz to take and see what song you get.  So don't put too much into it, just have fun with it!

To take the quiz, CLICK HERE!

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