Since Governor Edwards has issued a statewide "Stay-At-Home" advisory that is set to go into effect at 5 this evening. We thought you might want to know what the government feels is essential when it comes to keeping order in a very confusing time.

According to the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency, people that work in these fields could be considered essential.

Those fields are Healthcare/Public Health, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and First Responders. The list also includes Food and Agriculture workers, Energy workers, Water and Wastewater workers, as well as Transportation and Logistics professionals too.

Other fields included in the list of essential service providers include Communications and Information Technology professionals, Community based Government Operations and Essential functions, Critical Manufacturing, and Hazardous Materials.

The list of essentials also includes those professionals in the Defense Department as well as those who work in Chemical industries and Financial Industries.

Granted not all jobs in each of these sectors are considered to be "essential" but the continuance of those businesses operating on skeleton staffs is considered to be necessary for life in a "stay-at-home" world to continue.

We suggest you contact your employer for specific guidelines on what will be expected of you over the next several weeks as our state and our nation continue to mitigate the threat of the coronavirus.

Basically most of us need to just stay put for the next few weeks. We can still get out and go to a grocery store or pick up food from a restaurant. We can even get outside and walk our pets. We just need to minimize our contact with others as much as possible until this threat has been reigned in.


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