Goodness! I have hit a nerve! I asked Gator Country yesterday to share what their neighbor does that drives them crazy. Here is some more feedback. Enjoy.

Alicia... Let their children play outside unattended constantly. They are either in my yard or the street..
The neighbors on the other side always flood my yard with their sprinkler..

Corliss... Runs there truck through my yard. I have OCD and this is a real trigger. They put ruts in my beautiful yard. I hate that!

Amanda... Not cut the grass. EVER!!

Tara... Works nights and starts his yard work at 6AM! Happening now.

Tricia... Everything he's a idiot

Christy... Show out on the road in the middle of the night in their loud-assed truck messing up the road in the process. (I live on a dirt road)

Lorie... Let their little kids run everywhere with no one watching them no shoes on even in thurder and rain

Jaimi... Spits phlegm right next to my door (I live an apartment) and he talks loud on his cell phone right by my window.

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