A few days ago, local Lake Charles Facebook pages went crazy about this house on Shell Beach Drive that Mazen's wants to turn into a "restaurant and event center." We all watched the news about it, read the papers, and began to form our opinions accordingly.

Some people say it's going to be a restaurant and event center, some say just event center, but they can all seem to agree that the area isn't quite set up for it.


I am a HUGE fan of any business, especially local, coming in and bringing new life to areas in Lake Charles. With that fact alone, I should probably be all for it. However, residents in the area aren't very happy about it. The fear was that the area would become dual zoned. What does dual zoning do? It allows businesses to operate in a residential area. Oh! It also has the tendency to fluctuate the value of the homes around it. According to planning and zoning, the re-zoning would just affect the home's land that it sits upon. Still, it seems safe to say, not just anyone wants to live next door to a restaurant and event center.


Traffic is another issue. Have you been over there lately? The roads aren't exactly "Ryan Street" wide. Imagine driving a box truck for deliveries back there and trying to sneak around cars. During Christmas, Lake Shore is the hot spot for Christmas light viewers and carriage rides. That traffic alone is enough to make you want to cuss, but everyone's in that traffic for the same reason. NOT trying to go see that cousin who invited you last minute in a Facebook message, and you forgot a gift so you had to run by Bed Bath and Beyond.


I really am on the fence about it. I would love to see the beautiful events that could be held there. The house is beautiful and the land is something from a fairy tale. I wish Mr. Hijazi the best of luck, as well as the residents in the area.


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