Was Santa bringing all the little boys and girls Easy Bake Ovens? Was there a Hot Wheels set under the Christmas tree? What was the most popular present the year you were born?

Livingly.com has compiled a list of the hottest Christmas toys over the last 50 years and it features everything from Twister to Lite Brite and even the Pet Rock.

For example, I was born in 1988 and the go-to Christmas gift that year was Starting Lineup Sports Superstar Collectibles. Oh, and each toy comes with a fun fact, because who doesn't love fun toy facts!

Fun Fact: Starting Lineup figures were thought up by Pat McInally, who was a former football player for the Cincinnati Bengals.

So, what was Santa bringing the kiddo's the year you were born? Find out at Livingly.com!

[via Livingly.com]