It's early in the morning and a visit to the bathroom is in the cards. You arrive at your destination...turn on the light... and LORD BEHOLD! Kaa from the Jungle Book is in your bathroom! What to do, what to do??

Here's what some of my Gator friends had to share on the matter. Enjoy!

Shelly Johns Give him the house or burn it down.

Jacob Brown Turn the light back off... Convince yourself you didn't see it.

Rita Atkins Get the heck out!!! Get a gun and start shooting!!!

Lois Parker Haul my butt and let someone get that nasty thing out of there. Not my kind of tea at all.

Ron Begnaud I do what I was going to the bathroom to do, only in my pants.

Ronald DeBautte More than likely you do what you were going to do when you walked into the bathroom

Tammy Smith Cormier Use the bathroom!! Lol... Not the way I intended to though!!