Are you a fan of smores? I wasn't at one time. But I'd like to share when I became one.

I use to think that my life luxuries cost so much. Fun had the highest price tag. That was my mindset, until I moved out into the country.

I think I had forgotten the simplicities of life.

It all started with gathering up wood for my fire pit. With the help of lighter fluid and dryer lent, a nice blaze was started. I watch in amazement as the smoke dissipates into the starry sky in Choupique. Beside the folding chair I sit in, you'll find graham crackers, marshmallows, skewer, and Hersheys.

In five minutes time, a roasted marshmallow sits between my graham crackers and chocolate. But... I didn't make it for me. Oh no, that one goes to one of my kids. And the next I make will go to another one. And so on.

Dinner = $$

Movie = $$$

A lit pit... under a starry sky... with kids and a grown up laughter for countless hours = priceless!


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