Over the past week, the Atlantic ocean has been busy brewing storm after storm. Hurricane Florence is steaming ahead towards the East coast with sustained winds of 130mph, making it a category 4 hurricane. The eye of Florence is forecast to make landfall around 8am Friday morning.


Closer to home, a disturbance is slowly beginning to form in the Gulf. The National Weather Service is stating that there is a 70% chance this could form into a tropical storm by Thursday of this week. Regardless of it forming into a tropical storm, the NWS says it still has potential to drop heavy rain in the areas of Louisiana, Texas, and Northeastern Mexico.



In the Atlantic, but projected to make its way towards the Gulf is Tropical Storm Isaac. As of 2pm today, its sustained winds are 70mph and will cross just south of Puerto Rico around 8am Friday morning. By Sunday morning, it will be near Jamaica and begin to rebuild.