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Meghan Penn Clean and scrub with water, put it on the stove at medium heat, once all water is dried up, rub oil inside with paper towel.

Natalie Gonzalez I boil a sliced lemon to help degrease it.

Lance Reynolds Take a dab of oil and put it on the new one after placing that one in the trash.

Valerie Smith Salt is good to clean it up, then rub it down in oil after it has dried and put in the oven for an hour.

Ryan Grizzaffi Clean thoroughly without soap or anything to scratch the surface, wipe inside with oil then bake at 375 for 1 hr, repeat oil and bake if necessary.

Neal Lambert Never ever, ever, ever wash with soap! Lightly scrub with soft bristle brush, no Brillo pad, with hot water, put on stove high heat until water dry, turn heat off leave on stove, coat with olive oil. If cooked with lid repeat process. Leave on stove to cool down.