I recently asked some of my Gator family to share about their favorite toys of all time. Here some of their responses.

Kim... Not sure if others would consider this a toy or not, but my favorite is and has always been bubbles. I love blowing bubbles, I go outside on a windy day, dip the wand and hold it real high in the air! Before u know it all of my acre plus the neighbors is swarming with BUBBLES!

Cristin... Gotta say hot wheels. From mom to sons, picking out hot wheels and looking in stores for each other's favorite make/models has been very rewarding. The boys were 2&4 when we got the first ones and now 11yrs & 13 they still let mom hang and talk cars!!

Jennifer... Crayons/Markers/Coloring Books etc... along those lines!!!! My imagination would run wild.

Nikita... Teddy Ruxbin think I spelled it right

Sarah... Speak and spell... Is that considered a toy or am I just a nerd?

Krystle... Flying Turtle Scooters! So fun!