So many questions came to mind when seeing this press release from the Lake Charles Police Department. At first glance, the one would-be criminal seems to be wearing underwear on his head, it's just a tank top. The other looks like Kenny from South Park with their hoodie pulled tight, basically accentuating their face.

After focusing my attention beyond the amazing disguises, the stick in the hand of the "not underwear wearer" suddenly appears to be a selfie stick. I am assuming that he is trying to adjust the camera up away from their faces. This plan, although sounds great on paper, wasn't quite a winning plan.

The LCPD posted the info on their Facebook page, asking for any info on these criminal masterminds. They ended up getting away with a pair of four-wheelers from the business located on 2nd St. in Lake Charles. If you happen to know these people, or see them, LCPD asks for you to contact Lt. Todd Chaddick at 337-491-1324.

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