Everyone is always chasing the best deal on Black Friday, so we have a list of the best retailers to go to for this event!

A website called, WalletHub, has found the best and worst items to buy during Black Friday and the retailers that will give you the biggest discounts!

WalletHub discovered that movies, music, and books will get you the biggest discounts on Black Friday.

Here are some other items that will you find a big discount on:

  • video games, 38% off
  • toys, 24% off
  • computers, 19% off
  • phones, also 19% off

The worst discounts are on jewelry and clothing.  They'll only cost 7% less than they normally would on Amazon.

Here are the top 4 retailers with the biggest discounts for Black Friday:

  1. Kohl's, 66% off
  2. JC Penney, 66% off
  3. Sears, 50% off
  4. Macy's, 46% off

WalletHub also pointed out that Amazon is a totally different beast from traditional retailers.  Amazon's average markdown is only 37%.  But their everyday prices are lower than most places.  So even on Black Friday, it still might be your best bet.

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