It's the one thing about Halloween no one wants to talk about -- sending children door-to-door for candy isn't the safest thing in the world in an era of sex offenders.

But you can prepare yourself. We've found full maps of sex offender locations around Southwest Louisiana so that you can plan your trick-or-treating to be as safe as you can be.

We found all of our data from, a website that pretty much has every kind of civil statistic you could think of. In this case, we asked it to pull up addresses of listed sex offenders. Click on a link below to go your town's interactive map.

Pick a Town:

Now, having said all that, some sex offenders are not listed, and others still break the law and don't register at all. The most important thing you can remember to keep your children safe this Halloween is to just stay by their sides. Be safe, and enjoy your trick-or-treating!

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