After initially saying that people do not need to wear masks, the White House is making an about-face: they are now recommending that everyone wear a mask in public.

The CDC released its recommendation today, announced by President Trump.

According to this story from Axios, one of the reasons they are now recommending wearing masks in public: research is making it apparent that people who are not even showing symptoms are probably helping spread the virus. Wearing a mask cuts down on the amount of water vapor that leaves one's personal space.

The recommendation at this time:

...Americans (should) wear a basic cloth or fabric mask that can be purchased online or made at home. - President Donald Trump

President Trump himself will not be setting the example for the country; his reasoning is that the recommendation is just that, it's voluntary, and also mentioned that he doesn't like the thought of wearing a mask. To his credit, though, the President stressed that social distancing still needs to happen, mask or no mask.

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