Other than making a wish that your crush will notice you or that you'll win the lottery, what's the point in blowing out candles on your birthday?

I mean, it does seem a little silly when you think about it - not to mention the fact that you are blowing spit particles and germs all over a delicious cake that I will eat even though it kind of grosses me out. But, really, who started the whole "blow out your candles and make a wish" tradition?

According to mentalfloss.com, birthday cakes and candles can be traced back all the way to Ancient Greece. People would bake moon-shaped cakes to celebrate the birth of the moon goddess Artemis. They also believed that the celebration attracted evil spirits, so they would burn candles and say "happy birthday" to give the birthday boy or girl positive power and magical protection against evil forces.

I'm not gonna lie, I probably haven't made a birthday wish in at least 8 years, but if the Ancient Greeks say it gives you magical powers and protection, I am all for it. Someone bring me a b-day cake ASAP. I have almost a decade of wishes to make up.

And, yes, there are a few other theories on why we celebrate birthdays with cakes and candles, but I prefer to believe in the most whimsical theory. I mean, who doesn't want to have a magical birthday?

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