The National Weather Service says it's a strong maybe. I'm taking that as a HEAVY no. Tonight, we will have another cold front cruise on down to us, bringing with it a bit of rain and a "wintry mix".


The real expectation (and this is just based on experience), is that it will snow anywhere North of I-10 and we will be left with annoying rain and sleet. The weather service says that places in Rapides and Avoyelles Parishes should expect 1/2 an inch, with the surrounding areas to see a "dusting".

Northeast U.S. Digs Out After "Bomb Cyclone" Snowstorm
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In summary, don't get your hopes up for another round of snow as we had last year, but do expect areas along I-10 to be frozen for a bit, making driving conditions absolutely miserable, and dangerous. Now, prepare yourself for an overload of "it snowed" Facebook posts from your friends up in North LA, followed by all of your Facebook groups asking if schools are cancelled!

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