You can't do this.

A Natchez woman is facing criminal charges after she allegedly lied bout being exposed to the coronavirus.

The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center contacted police after they say 24-year-old Elisha Johnson went into the facility to get an excuse for work. The reason for the excuse, well she said that she was exposed to the coronavirus. She wanted a 30-day excuse to skip work.

Johnson told the medical staff at the hospital that she had been exposed to the virus while at work and that she needed to notify them of such. She was instructed to self-quarantine, but later returned to be tested and that's when she admitted that she was NEVER exposed to the virus.

As a result of the woman's lie, the medical staff that initially saw about her had to go into quarantine and they were able not to see other patients.

Ms Johnson was as arrested and charged with criminal mischief and ordered to appear in court in June.


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