The Oxford English Dictionary just released its yearly list of new additions and I have to say, this 2016 batch of words might be the best yet.

I mean, the fact that "moobs" has made the Oxford English Dictionary pretty much just made 2016 the best year ever. Oh, in case you don't know what moobs are, they are man boobs. Yep, if I could high five the Oxofrd English Dictionary for that one, I would.

Some other phenomenal additions to the OED are YOLO, kegerator, non-apology, and 'Mercia. Heck yeah, 'Merica made the dictionary! What did I tell you? Best batch of additions ever!

Ok, I might be taking back the whole "best batch of additions ever" thing, because I forgot that Fuhgeddaboudit, biatch, and squee also made the list. Yes, "squee", as in the sound an Ewok makes that people are now using as a way to describe something as cute. When have you ever heard or seen someone use the word squee?

You can check out the full round up of words that will be gracing us with their presence in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016 on the OED website. I'm giving you a heads up though, some of these words will surprise you and possibly offend you. Don't say I didn't warn you.