Don't like Aston Kutcher? Hey me neither, he took Demi Moore away from me! But is he good at acting? As good as he is as taking away my future ex-wife! Watch this video that has been removed from regular veiwing on TV, and develop a brand new respect for this man who crushed my dreams of being Mr. Demi Moore!

A commercial starring 34-year-old Aston Kutcher has been yanked off the Net following complaints from viewers over its 'racist' content as he showed up in the commercial for Popchips as an Indian man Raj, a '39-year-old Bollywood producer looking for love' in a dating ad-style spoof for PopChips.

In the dating themed film he said he was looking for 'the most delicious thing on the planet,' as well as indulging in appropriately cheesy Bollywood parodying dancing, and as a pale fashionista, a 'stoner'-type, and a tattoed Southerner. As spokesman at the company explained the ad was not meant to be offensive, though stopped short of offering an apology. Aston has refused to answer any of my call, beeps, tweets, FB or MySpace messages, but that could be because of the restraining's just another way to say "I LOVE YOU"!