We are knee deep in the end of summer, and Mexico is just getting hotter!  For those that need an update, the couples on Bachelor in Paradise have for the most part paired up:  Joe and Samantha (like they REALLY didn't talk prior to the show) are on-again-off-again, with Dan making a play for her and trying to get Samantha to really know the true lying man Joe is; Ashley I. loves Jared; while Amber is making a move on Jared, and Jared really hasn't fully connected for either of them.

Ashley I. is ready to give up her virginity to win Jared, but his eyes may be landing on Amber.  Carly's attempts to hook Chelsie up with Dan (in the hopes of endangering Samantha's chances to stick around another week), Chelsie ended up taking Nick on her date. No one seemed happy about this decision, except Chelsie and Nick.  Mckenzie arrives.....and gets married?

They play the game perfectly in Paradise.  Each week it is either the girls who give the roses or the men, and if you haven't paired up yet....you do anything to get the rose and stay another week.  If I had to choose, I would choose Dan. He has got to the be nicest, most polite one in the bunch.  Or, is he playing the game well?