I've had some great king cakes before, but not one this good. The owners of a Los Angeles bakery are in trouble after they doped their cakes, causing hallucinations in 40 people.

No word on what the drug was, but the "only common denominator" is that they all ate a style of king cake called "Rosca de Reyes" from Cholula's Bakery in L.A.  It's a Spanish or Latin American version of king cake. Police say the drug was likely synthetic, making the search for the drug all that much harder.

Top 10 Things That Happened to These People After Eating Doped King Cake

  1. One guy claimed to have found a baby in his king cake.  Sadly, he was still in the hospital and he’d just wandered down to the maternity ward.  (He named it “Doubloon.”)
  2. Here was the chain of events for one guy: ate king cake, saw angels, got the munchies, ate more king cake, saw the beginning of all time, got the munchies, ate more king cake, solved Common Core math.
  3. King cake addiction and rehab not covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Thanks, Obama.
  4. One woman thought it was really Mardi Gras and started flashing her boobs. She didn’t get any beads, but she made $345.
  5. A tourist from Abbeville tried the king cake, immediately sobered up.
  6. Three victims are back in rehab after their king cake acted as a gateway drug and they started snorting boudin.
  7. Bakery too close to a plastic surgery clinic.  Two women and four men now look like Mary Landrieu.
  8. All 40 patients claim to have friended Marie Laveau on Facebook.
  9. Twelve patients recovered with no long-term effects, except they hear a buzzing sound every time they turn toward Tee-Mamou.
  10. Four people became convinced they were in a crawfish sack – they took a saltwater bath all morning and now they smell like Zatarain’s.