Times have changed.  Nowhere is that more evident than on the floor of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  Green is definitely the trend, and this effort by foreign and domestic automakers has paid off with the Chevrolet's Volt winning this year's "Car of the Year" award.  I attend the Houston Auto Show every year, and would absolutely love to be able to see "the show to end all shows" in Detroit.

In the first big event of the show, the Chevy Volt, the centerpiece of General Motors' return from bankruptcy and already the winner of both Motor Trend Magazine's car of the year and Green Car of the Year awards, was named 2011 North American Car of the Year award, beating out rival vehicles from Japan's Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Korea's Hyundai Motor Co.

With gas prices pushing $3 per gallon as we speak, there's really no wonder why the show went green with their top pick.  Chevy boasts that their Volt can travel a full 40 miles per day before it uses any gas.  Then you will also pay less to refuel the Chevy Volt, with a modest 9.3 gallon tank.  The total driving range is reportedly 375 miles.

via GM’s Volt named 2011 Car of the Year - Business - Autos - msnbc.com.