More and more cities are looking at comprehensive smoking bans, and the next one on the list may be the City of Sulphur. A new smoking ban ordinance is expected to be introduced at tonight's (March 9) city council meeting, according to Councilman Stuart Moss.

We spoke with Moss on Friday after news of the proposed ordinance broke on social media. Moss reminded residents that the council is only introducing the ordinance tonight and will not vote on it for another 30 days. He urged residents to attend the council meetings to help the council decide the shape of the ordinance.

"The document I released is a draft article," said Moss. "... This is not something that is set in stone -- this is amendable."

Moss did shoot down rumors that the ban would extend to people's private property, such as cars. The current draft of the proposal, he said, is very similar to a recent ordinance passed in New Orleans. Moss said the ban would mainly extend to places of employment and other public spaces.

"The point is to try to become proactive and protect all workers from secondhand smoke," said Moss.

Moss stressed, however that nothing is set in stone yet, and the public is being urged to chime in on the document.  The council will meet at 5:30 p.m. tonight (March 9).

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