Tim McGraw and Faith Hill celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary yesterday.  That equates to one thousand years in celebrity-years.  Yesterday, Tim shared how he got Faith to say "yes" when he asked for her hand in marriage.

It was a dark and stormy night in1996....it actually was.  They were in the middle of their tour, it was raining that night, and they were in their trailer, getting ready to perform, and Tim joked about getting married.  He grabbed her hand, got down on one knee, and said "I'm really serious, I want you to marry me".  She said "we are at a music festival in a trailer!  Are you serious?"

But, Faith had other plans of her own.  She went to Tim's dressing room and wrote in sharpie on his vanity mirror, "Yes, I will marry you.  I love you".  And, the rest is history.  He has kept that mirror all these years, as a reminder of the commitment they made many moons ago.

I remember when Chad proposed to me, it was on my 25th birthday, on the stage at Chelsea Street Pub in Beaumont, Tx.  Granted, we had only been dating one month, but when it is right...you know it from the start.  The proposal is most likely the sweetest moment, the butterflies of what life has in store.  The best part for me, after many years of marriage, kids, cancer, and a whole lot of excess "stuff", knowing that I would say YES all over again, if Chad asked.  LOVE is the answer.