I love nothing better than going out in the beautiful town of Lake Charles and meeting all the great people we have in our area, and Monday afternoon was no exception as I spent the afternoon at The Dairy Barn at 1016 E. Prien Lake Road!How crazy it was to walk into a building where, 20 years ago I was a wet behind the ears 19 year old waiting on tables at Schillileagh's, and a few years before that I was enjoying a cold Coke from those awesomely cool Pat O'Carrol's cups that everyone was collecting, to see something so familiar but so incredibly different! That was thoughts that ran thru my head as I entered The Dairy Barn at 1016 E. Prien Lake Road!

What a fresh change from all the restaurants that have popped up with buffets and adult menus, The Dairy Barn was made for all the kids inside us all. And I Loved It! What a great menu, from burgers to Shrimp dinners, lunch specials and spicy Cajun Rings, and we can never forget the delicious Blue Bell Ice Cream cone that is complimentary with every burger combo! And a gold star to every employee and 2 of them to Cassie and Jess who helped me broadcast the last hour to SWLA on Gator 99.5!!

But nothing compares to all the memorabilia covering almost every inch on the inside of the restaurant!! You could spend an entire day gazing over the walls and still not see everything! What a place!

So Enjoy the pictures, and make plane to stop in soon, and just enjoy a breath of fresh air and delicious food at The Dairy Barn, 1016 E. Prien Lake Road!!!