This weekend Chad and I had the privilege of fishing in our friend's family Spring fishing tournament, the Kajun Klassic, at Toledo Bend Lake.  For over 16 years, the Christensen family has met at their grandparents summer camp near the Big Bass Marina, and for three days they fish, throw washers, and have a large fish fry, enjoying each other's company.  What started out as a small gathering of immediate siblings and cousins has turned in to about 60 or so cousins, friends, friends of friends, neighbors and a few pups.  There are fishing rules, matching shirts and hats, appointed fishing boat captains, and awards are given for the Largest Bass, Largest Gaspergou, Prettiest Perch, the Most Fish Caught, and the Ugliest Fisherman.  Large checks are written, presented with gifts and hard won cash.  A very competitive family.

My favorite part of the Spring Kajun Klassic is the preservation of the family unit.  Each sibling, cousin, or friend, may not have spoken or seen each other over the twelve-month span between tournaments, but for one three-day weekend they are committed to sharing, joking, and sometimes good-old-ribbing with each other.  "How is the wife"; "How are the kids"; and "What ailments do you have" type of conversations.  The value they put on having a good time outweighs how many fish are caught.  The Kajun Klassic's goal is to "catch a good time" and that is exactly what Chad and I did, we caught a dang good time.  Plus, Chad caught the third largest bass at 3.6lbs.  Too bad we fried him up with the rest of them.