On Friday, I was surfing thru Facebook when all of a sudden a notification popped up on my computer screen. My wife and I had been tagged in a post. It was quite an amazing post indeed. Especially since I know who the post was about.

Ashley Wood posted the following on the Sulphur-Carlyss Information Page on Facebook:

Ashley Wood... Just need to brag on this young man....I took two of my girls to eat today at Casa Ole' in Sulphur and this gentleman was our waiter. When he brought us our food he said, "do you mind if I say grace?" My heart leaped out of my chest and I said, "of course!" He led us in prayer over our food. I always say grace over our food, even in public, however this was such an amazing experience. I was feeling heavy hearted over a loss of a friend and the timing was perfect. I asked if I could take a picture and post it. His name is David. God bless him!

David is my youngest son. His mother and I are the proudest of parents too. Here's some Gator Country feedback as well.

Brandi... This is absolutely AMAZING, considering he had no idea what your response would be, he still had enough faith to ask and then to say grace! I wish more kids/people like David existed!

Tara... I had a man ask the same thing a few months ago there.
Made me cry actually. Very touching..

Pam... He is a very sweet young man! Keep doing what you are doing David.

Lexie... Me, my husband, and friend Christiann Rarick had the same experience a few weeks back. Such an amazing young man

Gail... yes...my friend and Cathy and I had David serve us the first time we went and now we ask specifically for David, we love having him as our waiter Just think there are some people who doesnt like this and complains to the manager. But David and another waiter does ask this great question...God bless David.


My son is an inspiration to many family and friends in Gator Country. 2010 was one of the most difficult years in my life. Lost my mother to cancer that year and I would become a very difficult person to live with. During those dark days, David was a bright light.

He never gave up on me.

And for that, I am grateful.